Unique Waxing Centre

Unique Waxing Centre

About Us

Unique Waxing Centre, since its establishment in year 2000 has been dedicated to providing professional and high quality beauty and waxing services to our customers in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Our signature treatments are formulated in partnership with the world’s leading beauty brands incorporating innovative techniques that work on the face and body. Our famous waxing service has always been favored. We offers easy, breezy hair-removal services from head to toe. Whether waxing your legs, bikini line or underarms, we promise professional services, premium products and superlative hygiene every time.  Our therapists are well-trained, well-versed, well-mannered, warm and friendly. They are trained both in-house and by our outsourced professional beauty trainers.

Unique Beauty believed that every woman is unique. They deserve to have their own beauty. Therefore, Unique Beauty keeps updating its services and technology to help woman release their unique beauty.

Benefits of waxing

Waxing is the easiest method to remove unwanted hair and reveal silky smooth skin. It’s a fast and efficient treatment that not only leaves skin smooth today, but will pay off in the long-term too, since hair grows back thinner and slower the more you wax.

Time Saving

Instead of shaving twice a week, you can save loads of time and energy by waxing once a month.

Smoother Skin

Whereas shaving leaves stubble, waxing exfoliates dead skin and removes hair from the root, leaving skin ultra-smooth for weeks at a time. 

Long-term Results

The more you wax, the more it pays off. Over time, your hair will become thinner and sparser.

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Unique Waxing Centre

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